STARTCOM – Huge Player in the Financial Fraud Arena


STARTCOM – Project Description

Startcom project was initiated in 2017 by the company named “Startups Commercial Ltd”. The company has been registered in the Governmental Tax Administration of the Russian Federation under the name “Limited Liability Company ‘Startcom’”. Juridical person: Minyailo Nikolai Dmitrievich (Moscow). Registration date: February 29, 2008.

Interestingly, the indicated in the documents business activity of the company includes: residential and non-residential buildings construction, automobile business, machine maintenance, restaurant business and delivery, financial service provision (limited to insurance and retirement), and real estate. While the claimed in the official sources essence of the project is the “investment in the future”. This inclines fund-raising around start-ups, which are considered promising and in a current demand. Such start-ups are related to media sphere, e-commerce, Blockchain technology implementation, Bitcoin and other digital assets (cryptocurrencies), virtual reality, 3D concepts, artificial intelligence and robotics. Together with a team of international invest-o-bankers, lawyers, financial analysts, managers and developers the project was said to “monetize that future”.

October, 2017

The project has been officially launched by the “Startups Commercial Ltd” company on the website, inviting people from around the globe to join the platform and bring more partners to participate in Startcom and begin earning.

The initially claimed interest rate is 1,5% per day, which is about 55% per month. As much attractive as such income rate may sound, the essence of any financial pyramid scheme lies around its fundraising. One of the ways to identify the false nature of the business is to find out where does the company’s fundraising come from. If no visible sources of income of the company have been detected, the participants may want to know where the company gets the money to pay the claimed interests. In case if the payout is done with the help of re-investment from newly joined members, it may look highly suspicious for the participants of such financial project.

Thus, the matter of Startcom’s fundraising has launched an extensive discussion all over the internet forums and social media.

November, 2017

The project has created a YouTube channel “StartCom StartCom” (November 16) and initiated its active promotion phase. During this period, many popular YouTube bloggers have presented the project as a trustworthy source of passive income, which influenced the decision-making of those who were questioning the honesty of the project, and made them join Startcom. Several private investigations showed that most of such reviews were false and paid for. Nonetheless, the authority of the bloggers made people join the project, taking advantage of them not being fully aware of the actual circumstances.

March, 2018

The project continues to invite more people, and the total number of participants reaches 150,000 members. The number of YouTube bloggers increases as the company strives for better reputation on the internet and acts recklessly regarding those willing to discover the truth behind their lies and promises.

While the note in the official website of Startcom clearly stated that reputation means a lot to the company, the Founder of the company, shown in promotional videos was Renat Karimov, who turned out to be a professional actor. The note also stated that leaving a negative review may lead to account blocking (regardless of whether it’s true or false). Sadly, this promise was fulfilled by the company and all negative feedback disappeared and accounts – banned.

May, 2018

May of 2018 has become the crucial moment for both participants and the administrators of the project. The number of participants at the beginning of May (7th) has reached 220,000 people. Unexpectedly, the company decides to reconsider its policy and the terms of funds withdrawal for the participants of the project. The new conditions have significantly restricted money withdrawal operations (once/week), which lead to negative reviews and discussions on the future of Startcom. Wishing to cover up the truth, the company has announced its massive plans to develop their own cryptocurrency and enter the ICO – StartCoin. The domain name has been registered, promptly.

August, 2018

The number of participants of the project keeps increasing, and reaches 300,000 people (27th). With the help of popular YouTube bloggers, positive feedbacks (exclusively) and resounding speeches, Startcom was planning to increase this number to 1,000,000 members by the end of August, 2019.

October, 2018

The company has announced and launched the second phase of the project (25th) – the development of the StarCoin cryptocurrency and transfer of the existing accounts to the new database. Together along, the company has established the new conditions for money withdrawal, under which an existing participant was forced to take part in phase II, in order to have access to their personal account balance.

Interestingly, according to the company’s official announcement, the entry to phase II enables the participant to continue earning with the project, while refusal to participate may lead to restricted access to their existing accounts.

A new wave of negative discussion has risen around the project, when the participants started to realize that they are being forced to pay again to the company in order to withdraw their accrued assets.

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