Questra World – Financial Fraud Revealed

Questra World

Questra World – Project Description

The financial fraud investigation on Questra World project is centered around one figure – Pavel Krimov. He is said to be responsible not only for this particular project, but also for a series of related financial pyramids, such as: Atlantic Global Asset Management (A.G.A.M.), Forex Trend, Panteon Finance, Private FX (December, 2016), ShareInStock. The business activity of these and other projects inclines the organization and maintenance of financial pyramids (fund-raising), as well as influence on the decision-making of honest citizens via unofficial mass media and other online resources. While the mentioned projects were operating on the territories of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and some European countries, many people from around the world have joined the projects, wishing to get fast and easy online income. According to the victims, Krimov has enriched for about 30 million dollars while maintaining his financial projects, starting from the year 2000.

Questra Holding Inc. company was registered and started to operate in 2015. The initially claimed business activity was investment opportunity with a promised interest starting from 5% per day (300% per year). The project Questra World was launched to promote Atlantic Global Asset Management, and applied multilevel marketing scheme in its business. Interests were paid to the project partners in quantity from 5% up to 15% per sold portfolio of AGAM.

The Atlantic Global Asset Management company has been registered in Cabo Verde operating as an investment fund of the Questra World project. The claimed business activity indicated: organization and launch of IPO, financial factoring, commercial refunding services, illegal processing of financial credit instruments. The two companies were separated from each other in 2016 for risks reduction purposes.

Having launched another concealed pyramid scheme, Pavel Krimov has implemented a strategy named “Bonus 1+1”. The strategy implies a consequent participation in financial pyramid by means of transferring and recovering the assets from one project to another. For example, if a person loses $100 in Forex Trend project, he or she is invited to participate in another (affiliated) project – Private FX, investing another $100, but receiving $200, as if recovering the assets from the previous project.

Massive online discussion has been initiated by the victims of the financial pyramids created by Pavel Krimov, alerting the others as for the truth concealed behind loud titles and promises.

The peak activity of the projects lasted from the year 2016 to 2017, until Krimov’s international search has been initiated. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan has shown interest in the figure of Krimov and on February 6, 2018 he was arrested in the Airport of Sheremetyevo. During the examination, Krimov has confirmed his participation in the creation and maintenance of Questra World and Atlantic Global Asset Management.

Total number of people defrauded: 516,000

Current status: under investigation.

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