Recompense for Loss: Kairos Planet – Fraudulent Pyramid Scheme

Kairos planet

Important! Please note that the acceptance of applications for funds reclamation will be closed on November 15, 2019. The process of indemnification will be initiated later that same date.


Kairos Planet – About the Project

Kairos Planet project was initiated in 2016 by Kairos Technologies Limited company, registered in the Governmental Companies House of the United Kingdom as of July 29th, 2014. The claimed essence of the business is financial remuneration paid to the participants in return for their personal computer’s hard drive space lease. The fund-raising of the project implied the selling of specialized software and devices, which allowed the participants to join in the project and provide access to their hard disk space for rent. The company was committed to reward such lease events with monetary rewards equivalent to the time of the provided access.

Company Registration in Companies House (UK):

Kairos Planet project has been launched in June 2016 and was actively functioning until the year 2018. During these years, the number of participants in the project has reached more than 500,000 people. High activity increment has been caused by an extensive discussion on possible earnings and potential of the project. Unfortunately, very few people knew at that time, that the strategy used in the project was multilevel marketing (MLM). This strategy is called the “pyramid scheme,” and it encourages the existing participants to recruit new distributors to the project while rewarding them for such recruits’ sales. However, the principal problem of a multilevel marketing business strategy is the limitation of resources, and eventually, the inability to reward the participants of the project. Such schemes involve taking advantage of people by pretending to be engaged in legitimate multilevel or network marketing. One can spot a pyramid scheme by the greater focus on recruitment than on product sales.

The year 2018 has become resonant and fateful to the project, due to financial difficulties and the decrease of the financial soundness of the company. Such information has been rapidly made public, and the participants of the project began to withdraw the funds from their accounts and leave the project shortly after that.

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We operate in the field of legal advisory and consultation since 2004. Mainly, we deal with fraudulent corporate activity and provide legal advice on how to recover from such occasions. Graeme Quar & Co has successfully conducted hundreds of cases, where we succeeded in returning the illegally obtained funds to the applicants under the terms of participation in the financial pyramid scheme.

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Our team of professional solicitors offers legal advisory, as well as document processing related to funds indemnification and compensation of damages for the benefit of the clients against the fraudulent activity of “financial pyramids” (Ponzi schemes) worldwide.

Quar&Co. operates in the field of commercial law which regulates business related activities. We specialize in group cases of people suffered from illegal financial activity and indemnification of damages related to such activity to the client. While we focus our attention on the provision of complete compensation to the client, our company sets the price for such services equal to 10% of the returned amount.


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Graeme Quar & Co. law firm has significant experience in filing and processing group cases in the field of financial fraud projects with the purpose of funds indemnification to the client. Operating since 2004, we possess not only the valuable legal expertise but also all the relevant toolset and personnel, required for successful case resolution. The team of our firm consists of legal experts and solicitors of international level, which allows us to find a positive solution not only locally, but beyond the territory of the United Kingdom.

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