The gazelle is finished

May 28th, 2013

Our gazelle sculpture is now finished, and is on display in the boardroom.

We are really thrilled with our new bronze. Sculptor Wendy Hunt and the team at the foundry have produced a beautiful piece.

Here I caught Graeme and Steve Jolliffe, photographer during a break in a photo shoot.

The Gazelle – taking shape

March 11th, 2013

Wendy Hunt has sent this latest photo of the bronze gazelle sculpture, which is taking shape in the foundry. I am reminded of an “Airfix” kit.

Surely there can’t be long to go!

Gazelle sculpture – update.

February 19th, 2013

As you know, we have commissioned local sculptor Wendy Hunt to create a bronze gazelle for us.

The project is moving forward.  The plaster sculpture has been used to create a wax mould, and Wendy has sent this update.

The foundry have sent me some photos of the Gazelle, it does look rather different to the last time you saw it. This is in its wax form, the piece I showed you has now been discarded. It now has its runners and riser attached. The foundry have said that they will send more pictures when its at its metal stage.

The gazelle sculpture

November 25th, 2012

At our Growth Summit on 9 November, sculptor Wendy Hunt spoke about the process of creating a bronze, from inspiration through to the casting (which sounds like a very tense part of the process for the artist).

Wendy brought with her the model that she has created of the gazelle commissioned by Graeme Quar & Co. , and here it is, with Wendy and Graeme.

GROWTH SUMMIT: Staff at commercial law firm Graeme Quar & Co, led by managing director and founder Graeme Quar, centre back.

GROWTH SUMMIT: Staff at commercial law firm Graeme Quar & Co, led by managing director and founder Graeme Quar, centre back.

Staff from thriving commercial law firm Graeme Quar & Co have taken part in a ‘growth summit’ to mark a record year in business.

The event, inspired by the founder’s recent overseas trip to meet an entrepreneurial giant of USA commerce, focused on delivering excellence for clients and business development amid rapid growth.

Graeme Quar, Managing Director, said: “It has been an incredible year for us, with annual turnover rising by 37% and a number of high-profile hirings on the back of increasing instructions from businesses across Hampshire and West Sussex.

“As any business with this kind of fast ‘gazelle’ growth knows, the important thing is never become complacent, but to strive for continual improvement in all areas, however difficult, inconvenient and time-consuming that may be.

“The joy of a gazelle environment is that it encourages innovation, which itself enhances productivity and a collective sense of purpose from everyone involved.”

The firm, which has 12 staff and is in its 18th year, has commissioned local wildlife sculptor Wendy Hunt  to cast a bronze gazelle as a visual acknowledgement of the record year.

“To be placed in our office, it will be a constant reminder that we must always deliver on all fronts for our clients,” said Graeme.

He recently flew to Arizona to meet in person Verne ‘Growth Guy’ Harnish, the author of best-selling business development book Mastering the Rockerfeller Habits, and a giant of USA commerce.

Verne was attending the Fortune Growth Summit in Phoenix, regarded as the Super Bowl of corporate gatherings.

“The event gave me the idea for our very own growth summit, albeit on a somewhat more modest scale and budget, so that we can continue to take huge strides to provide our clients with, to coin an American expression, an awesome service.

“A gazelle company is characterised not by its size but by increasing its revenues by at least 20% annually for four years or more, effectively doubling its income over that time, and we very much want to aim for this without comprising on legal excellence for clients.”

Guest speakers at the event, held at the Old House Hotel in Wickham, included Catherine Billam of Growth Accelerator, Sue Warden-Owen of MHL Coaching, both specialists in business training who live and work in Hampshire, and Tricia Jones of Frontline Communications.

With branches in Fareham and Petersfield, Graeme Quar & Co is a commercial legal practice to clients in Hampshire and West Sussex, including companies, small-to-medium enterprises, partnerships and sole traders.

In response to demand and market-place opportunities, the firm hired regional law consultants Michael Dalton and Lorna Palmer earlier in the summer.