April 12th, 2013

How many lawyers can say this?

I am looking out of the office window at a pair of goldfinches.

OK … now back to work!

Should I give up the day job?

October 12th, 2011

Since I joined Graeme in January, I have been involved in a number of photo shoots for various promotional purposes such as this website, our video and for other marketing materials. So, being a bit of a photographer myself, watching the professionals I started to think “I can do that”.

On Monday this week I was in the office, minding a client’s business, when I happened to observe Graeme’s face silhouetted on the frosted screen on the glass partition of our meeting room. In fact the sun was reflected off a car windscreen outside the office, shining a strong light directly on to Graeme. I thought that if we had had a photographer in the office, this would be an image he would want to capture. I asked: no-one in the office had a “good” camera with them, and so I took a couple of shots on my mobile phone.

 Should I give up the day job?

So: what do you think? Should I give up my day job?