Think before you tweet!

April 12th, 2013

This week has seen two well-publicised cases of individuals resigning jobs as a result of tabloid newspapers picking up on things they have posted on twitter.

Paris Brown, a 17-year-old girl appointed as “Youth Police and Crime Commissioner” in Kent had said some unwise things two or three years ago, and Metropolitan Police Sgt Jeremy Scott posted some pretty tasteless comments “celebrating” the death of┬áBaroness Thatcher.

This brings to mind my rule when posting anything online, whether on twitter or Facebook or anywhere else:

Do not say online anything that you would not want your spouse or mother or boss or judge to read.

To that list I will now add the Daily Mail.



April 12th, 2013

How many lawyers can say this?

I am looking out of the office window at a pair of goldfinches.

OK … now back to work!