Appointment of Lorna Palmer

August 24th, 2012

A commercial law firm in Hampshire has appointed a corporate law consultant on the back of record growth.

Lorna Palmer, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, has joined 12-strong Graeme Quar & Co, which has offices near Southampton and in Petersfield.

Her arrival follows that of consultant Michael Dalton, a senior commercial property and business solicitor who operated his own law firm, Daltons, for many years in south Hampshire, more recently in Petersfield.

Graeme Quar, managing director of Graeme Quar & Co, based at the Fareham office, said: “Lorna will be providing corporate law services and she has considerable expertise in the buying and selling of retail pharmacy businesses, a market we are keen to explore because of its potential.

“She will be working out of our recently-acquired office at 28 The Spain, Petersfield, where Michael, who advises clients dealing with high-value property transactions, is also based.

“The additions of Lorna and Michael follow a record turnover of 37 percent for us in the last 12 months, reflecting the buoyant mood among our clients, who’ve been busily buying, selling, starting up and developing enterprises all over Hampshire and West Sussex.”

Lorna, who lives at Hindhead, Surrey, previously worked for more than 25 years in the corporate law team of Mundays LLP, Cobham, Surrey.

Transactional highlights included selling 1,000 pharmacies from one high street brand name to another.

She said: “The retail pharmacy market is an interesting one because, generally speaking, the majority of revenues from your town or village chemist derive from NHS prescriptions.

“Such revenues will become an ever-more reliable source of income for pharmacists as we are all living a lot longer but require medication for age-related health issues.

“With that backdrop, we feel there is a lot of opportunity out there for mergers, acquisitions and disposals and I’ve already been approached by people close to the sector keen to see what deals can be done.

“This is an exciting time and I’m delighted to be working with Graeme and his team in this exciting growth phase.”

On my way to Phoenix

August 20th, 2012

How far would you travel for a training conference? Birmingham, Manchester or even as far north as Newcastle! How about 5,000 miles to Phoenix, Arizona.

My business bible is “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits” by Verne Harnish. So when I received an invitation to attend a two day summit in Phoenix led by Verne Harnish himself I could not refuse.

Is he that good? I hope so. I am hungry for knowledge. I am the founder and owner of a fast growing law firm but I’m no Richard Branson. In 1994 I took the risk of having a go at business and then discovered how much there was to learn. After 18 years in business and having recently posted an annual turnover increase of 37% I still learn something new everyday and want to know more.

Why? Firstly, just to stay ahead of my competitors. Standing still is no longer an option for any business not least a law firm. Secondly, learning is a great motivator. New ideas and initiatives in the workplace keep momentum.

Thirdly, we want our business to be the best for our clients and our team members. In January 2012 we declared our intent to provide an awesome service to our clients. To reach our goal we need to learn more, know more and deliver more.

These are exciting business times. This is a great moment in the economic cycle for owner managed businesses. I do not intend to miss the tide. So if Verne Harnish is not visiting Birmingham, Manchester or Newcastle then I’m catching the plane to Phoenix.

Graeme Quar

We lit the flame, and we lit up the world.  When our time came, Britain, we did it right.

I think we can all agree with Lord Coe on that one.  The London 2012 Olympic Games were fantastic, and although I was in Australia for the first week even from that distance it was clear that the atmosphere was amazing. We came back to find the Olympic party in full swing.

The party ended a week ago. I wonder if the nation has been experiencing a collective hangover. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to keep that buzz going?

How about another quotation? This is what Mo Farah had to say when asked the secret of his success:

It’s all hard work and grafting.

And I think that’s it: hard work and grafting. In the last post in this blog Graeme wrote about what we have to do to achieve awesome service for clients. We know only too well, of course, that if our clients are doing well then we will have the opportunities to do the work for them that will enable us to do well.

So before we return to good old British habits of moaning about everything, including the weather, let us celebrate some good news. According to the Office of National Statistics, the numbers of people in work in the United Kingdom rose by about 201,000 in the 3 months to June 2012. That has to be good news, and something to celebrate. If more people are in work, it is surely because there is more work in the economy for them to be doing. We can only hope that this will very shortly be reflected in the figures for growth in the economy, which I hope are presently only lagging behind.

Let’s get on with the hard work and grafting!