Providing awesome service

July 19th, 2012

On the first working day of 2012 I started a Linked-In discussion by declaring that our law firm had pledged to provide an awesome service to our clients.  The announcement attracted many responses.  Some mocked, others derided such an objective and a few gave encouragement.

Well we have not done too badly.  Our annual turnover is up 37%, our clients keep coming back and recommendations are increasing.  We still have more to do.  Our ambition remains to provide an awesome service to our clients and every day our team works hard to achieve our goal.

May and June 2012 were our best fee income months in 18 years demonstrating that by concentrating on standards of service and not  just the standards of expertise we can progress our growth programme.  There has been no magic wand or silver bullet.  Week by week we review and improve lots of the little things that make us stand tall amongst the pack.  Our regular client feedback forms  confirm we are on the right track.

So even if the concept of awesome service sounds just too darn American don’t mock it make it your team objective and watch your business grow.

Graeme Quar


10 years younger?

July 15th, 2012

We will shortly be launching our redesigned website.  A couple of weeks ago we had a photoshoot in the office.  A professional photographer, of course, not me.

Here’s Christine applying the finishing touches to Graeme’s youthful good looks.  I think Christine was laughing because she had seen me pointing my camera in her direction.

The joy of spam!

July 9th, 2012

Spam is a fact of life.  Most of the comments that we get on this blog are spam, usually along the lines of “Hey, great blog! I think you should check out these great sites”. The comment is then followed with a number of links. I assume that that these comments are posted by the more questionable practitioners of the dark arts of “search engine optimisation” trying to trick Google into thinking that the links are genuine and therefore to boost the rankings of the sites in question.

Over the weekend we have had a barrage of spam comments.  This time, rather than the “hey, great blog” kind, the spammers have taken a few moments to make up something that might just appear to be something more constructive. I offer a small selection of the more interesting ones.  I am not sure why it appears to be necessary to include a spelling mistake  in each one.   I liked the fact that several included Graeme’s name.


What beautiful and nuatral photographs you took at Oner and Charlotte`s Wedding. You captured their love and happiness and showed what a wonderful, fun, and happy day it was for all their family and friends. Making their special day a very memorable day for everyone there.


I am furious to hear that you psoarnelly feel your personal financial needs are more important than your constituency member’s financial needs and council employee needs. SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU!YOU have had your chance to vote (to line your own pocket by awarding yourself a 25% increase in allowances) now let us (the public) have our chance to vote! I hereby call for your RESIGNATION!Sharon(a thoroughly fed-up cambridge voter!)


Hi Graeme I have spoken to Shire of Waroona Fire Co-ordinator team and your President Timmins aerdaly! We have a fully furnished 3 x 2 Home vacant at present available for any local in need of short term accommodation (term to be discussed) as a result of the bushfires. We will be down on Sunday 16/Jan/2011 if anyone would like to inspect or discuss further. Best wishes to all!


Just thought I’d let aynnoe know who, like myself, was a bit apprehensive about the lads’ working on their property go for it! They got stuck into it and cleared and chained sawed what I needed done. All very well mannered and even Steve (the officer) got in and lent a hand, well done you guys.


I really enyjoed the insight into how the work is being put together, and seeing some of the dancing has made me even more excited to watch the performance!  Thank you for sharing it with us.